The Ever Popular Burn Notice Hip Bag

While the original intention on the show Burn Notice wasn’t to make a big splash in the fashion world, that’s exactly what happened the first time Gabrielle Anwar’s character Fiona appeared on the show wearing a hip bag. While hip bags have been gaining in popularity as a practical yet fashionable women’s accessory, the appearance of a stylish looking leather hip bag led to an even bigger spike in popularity.

There are entire websites and forums online dedicated simply to fashion as it relates to the show Burn Notice. Whenever anyone talks about a hip bag from this popular show, you know they’re referring to the stylish accessory worn by Fiona.

Sherpani Qube Hip/Cross Body Bag – Espresso

The 21st century fanny pack, can be worn around the waist, on the side shoulder, or across the body shoulder. Stream-lined, fun and sassy!
hip bag

HipzBag – Black Faux Leather Bag

HipzBag, a cellphone+accessory, is a much cooler, hipper, fashion-forward incarnation of the fanny pack popularized in the early 1980’s. It came out of our need to have our phones close. It’s smaller, rides on your hip so you have easy access of your phone, money keys etc

What is most interesting perhaps about this latest craze is that originally fans could not yet purchase the same hip bag as a character on the smash TV show. The reason for this is that the one actress Gabrielle Anwar appears with in the show was not a retail available model. In fact, at the time it was meant as a one-time prop.

However the large and unexpected demand for information about the item from people wanting to know where to get Fiona’s hip bag resulted in a returning in future episodes as a regular part of her ensemble. This also meant that a mad scramble was going to ensue from the many companies who want to profit by actually creating a retail available design that mimicked the hip bag from the show.

The Burn Notice hip bag is available from a number of different retail outlets and online at Many retailers decided to mimic their designs in order to look as close to the show’s hip bag as possible.  Other retailers make leather hip bags that are similar in design but have slight differences for an extra bit of fashion or flare.

The first website to gain widespread attention for having a leather hip bag designed after the show Burn Notice was Australian, but there are now many different retailers and online websites which offer the same design or similar designs.  For women who really love Fiona’s fashion sense and would love a trendy and stylish a hip bag of their own to accessorize, there are many different options online to choose from.

There’s nothing overly complex about Fiona’s hip bag from the show, but it doesn’t have to be in order to look good. The hip bag is made from leather, has an adjustable belt, and plenty of inside pockets and pouches in order to carry anything as needed. In other words, it is a much more stylish and convenient accessory to take the place of a purse.

This is the reputation that hip bags of all types and styles have been receiving and it’s well deserved. This also helps explain how they have so quickly exploded onto the scene of women’s fashion. The leather hip bag is simple and stylish and while the prop artist working for Burn Notice probably did not intend to start a fashion trend, is exactly what has happened.