Vehicle Tow Dolly And Wheel Lift Towing For Trucks

So you’re exploring different towing options. Tow dollies and wheel lift systems are two of the most used devices that towing companies have. You should feel confident in your decision, and not overspend. That’s why understanding the differences between these tools is key. In this article we’ll be talking about how practical each tool is, the difference in costs, and other things.

The following information is provided to you by one of the many towing companies in La Mesa, CA. They have years of experience using these tools, so their advice should be of value to you.

Having a wheel lift system on your truck will require professional installation. Although it can be a hassle to go through this process, once it’s set you can get a car towed in just a few minutes. Tow dollies will be much easier to install. You won’t have to modify your truck in any way, all you need is to attach it.

Installing a wheel lift will be expensive compared to buying a tow dolly. You can easily spend several thousand dollars for the device and installation. Used tow dollies can be found for $500.

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It depends on where you live, but most often you will need to get license plates for your tow dolly. You also need to keep in mind that you have to add the weight of the dolly (500 to 1500 lbs) to whatever it is you’re towing. Also, you need to provide maintenance for its tires, frame, and make sure that brake lights and turn signals work fine.

Installing a wheel lift system can be a hassle at first. It involves more money and time on your part. But, once you get over this part, you’ll find out that having it can be a time saver. A major benefit is that wherever you go, you’ll be ready for towing. Tow dollies on the other hand, require for you to drive home, set it up, and drive back to get the towing done.

Before you rush into buying one or the other, think about how you will be using them. Will you be towing very often? If so, getting a wheel lift system installed is the best choice. It will save you time and effort, but you must have your budget in mind. Tow dollies are great tools, so if you don’t have the money right now, or you simply don’t find yourself towing constantly, this is probably the choice for you. This has been the advice of a towing Chula Vista company.