Panama’s Hidden Waterfalls Paradise

Lonely Planet, the prestigious travel guide, recognized world wide as the number one travel advisor manual, has Panama in its top ten places to visit in 2011.
After all, having the best road system in the region, together with the Panama Canal, a cosmopolitan city, safe streets and gorgeous rain forest, make Panama a great place to visit.
Internationally, places like Boquete (considered in the top 5 retirees destination in the world), Bocas del Toro with its Caribbean beaches and lush forests, or Kuna Yala (formerly known as San Blas) with a well kept cultural heritage, are well recognized and for sure helped to rank Panama so high in Lonely Planet’s list.
But Panama has much more to offer…
There is a small town in central Panama, located very near the Continental Divide (the place where the country is divided between Pacific and Atlantic side), just 60 kilometers from Santiago, the capital of the province of Veraguas, that has the most amazing group of hidden waterfalls in the middle of the forest!
Santa Fe de Veraguas barely has 3000 inhabitants, and the fact that very few of them have been to the waterfalls is very intriguing.  Most people from Santa Fe just go to the rivers near town, but do not go into the surrounding mountains where the waterfalls are.
This place is the best definition of an overseas adventure travel.  Visitors can take a guided tour through trails in the mountains in search for the most pristine, gorgeous hidden waterfalls that the reader can imagine.
There are hikes for everyone:  from just a 15 minutes hike until arriving to a nearby waterfall, to circuits of over 6 hours of wet hiking passing by thunderous gigantic waterfalls in the middle of the jungle.
Most visitors just take a Panama City tour, staying around the city, but if you are into adventures, and want to see primeval places, not full of tourist, you must plan a visit to Santa Fe in central Panama.

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