Outdoor Candle Lanterns that Are Shaped as Stars

Outdoor candle lanterns are perhaps one of those things that would definitely spice up an outdoor area.  If you are the type who is very specific in the design and beauty of your garden, patio, or any area in your front or backyard then you definitely should buy these lanterns and start decorating.

But if you like to have a different look especially during the Christmas holidays then you can try out those outdoor candle lanterns that are shaped as stars.  There are actually several of these that you can find in many shops in malls or stores in the downtown area. Or if you want, you can conveniently search for these online.  In fact there are three common kinds of candle lanterns that are used outdoors which are shaped as stars.

The first kind is the starlight candle lantern. This one is made of iron and has a silver color.  It does not have any glass panels but instead there are tiny holes that are shaped as leaves which allow the light of the candle to come out and give its usual serene glow.  This kind of star-shaped lantern is perfect to be hanged in the patio or in the front porch.

The second kind on the other hand is the clear glass star lantern.  The lantern here has clear glass panels and have wrought iron metal frame.  The frame follows the shape of a five-pointed star. It actually looks like those star lanterns that commonly symbolize the star that pointed to the location of the manger where Christ was born.   This kind of lantern is perfect to be hanged on trees and other natural fixture that is in your outdoor area.

Then the third and the last kind of star-shaped lantern is the red glass star lantern.  It has a patterned glass and a framing which is made of wrought iron just like the clear glass lantern.  It actually looks like the clear glass one expect for the fact that its glass is colored red. When the candle is lit the lantern gives off a perfect crimson glow which would make any area look good and nice during Christmas time.

Those are the three kinds of star-shaped lanterns that you can buy to add beauty to your outdoor area during the Christmas holidays.